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"I can't believe it's the same me.  It was so easy and very relaxing.  I will make a point to do this every year."

- T.R., San Francisco, CA

"If you give yourself the gift of this therapy, you will never be sorry.  The results are startling."

- H.E., Hartford, CT

"How is it possible to eat so little and never be hungry?  It is very possible and very easy."

- E.Y., Plymouth, MA

"A remarkable experience! I couldn't believe how my body changed, and stayed that way. It helped in more ways than I thought possible."

- L.R.F., Orlando, FL

"My husband can't believe how good I look, now he wants to do it too."

- R.T., Jacksonville, FL

"Wrinkles actually disappear and your tummy shrinks but best of all you feel great."

- S.S., St. Augustine, FL

"I had chronic bank pain for seventeen years.  I did the Mayr Therapy for three weeks and the pain went away.  It has not returned since."

- D.M., Sarasota, FL

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