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Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr

Dr. Kevin Alen

Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr, M.D.

Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, M.D.Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr ( 1875-1965) was the most famous physician in Karlsbad and founder of the Mayr Diagnostic Method and Mayr Therapy. Before WWI Karlsbad (now Czechoslovakia) was the Mecca for treating digestive problems. Thousands of prominent people came there to regain good health and good looks. Dr. Mayr proved that there was a close link between the health of the digestive system and ones overall health and attractiveness. He made lecture tours throughout Europe and the United States and in 1950 began training physicians in Vienna in his revolutionary natural cure based on intestinal cleansing.

While still a medical student, Dr Mayr asked himself: how does one recognize a healthy intestinal tract? What are the shape, size and characteristics of a healthy stomach? Where lies the transition point between healthy and unhealthy? Realizing that there was no diagnostic criterion for differentiating between a healthy and functionally severely impaired digestive system, he treated many of his patients with a special diet and intestinal cleansing. From this developed the basic principles of the Diagnostics according to F. X. Mayr and the famous Mayr® Cure.

Kevin Alen AP, OMD, Dipl. NCCA

Dr. Kevin Alen Doctor Kevin Alen graduated from San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 1987 as a master of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He continued his studies in the fields of Nutrition and Biological Medicine both in the USA and abroad. He became a member of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation in 1989.

Through his affiliation with that organization Doctor Alen became acquainted with the work of the Viennese born Doctor Franz Mayr, a brilliant Physician/Scientist. Doctor Mayr is best known for his position as Chief Physician at the world famous Spa at Carlsbad Czechoslovakia and the development of the "Mayr® Cure".

Embarking on a course of study with two of Austria's most accomplished Physicians, Doctors Ernst Kojer and Erich Rauch, Doctor Alen successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements and is qualified to practice Spa medicine, utilizing the Mayr® Cure anywhere in the world.

Doctor Kevin Alen is one of only eight persons in the United States to hold that distinction at present and is a member of the Mayr Physicians Society.

Doctor Alen is licensed in the state of Florida where he maintains a clinical practice in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Therapy and Mayr Therapy.

Dr. Kevin Alen administers manual abdominal therapy

Dr. Kevin Alen administers
Manual Abdominal Therapy


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